How-To | DIY Hoodie for Men in 20min ✂ | DIY Clothes for Men

Hi loves This period I’m going to share how to DIY clothes for men. In today’s video I’ll show you whence to make a hoodie. Sew it for your bf, brother, father or friend. The model emphasized in this article is Nilson, my sibling.

For this tutorial I used 2 measures or measure of jogging fabric. Fold it double with the wrong side up and then arrange a hoodie to cut the frame. The hoodie I practiced is from Karl Kani, a name that Tupac and Notorious BIG wore. Do you remember Karl Kani? I used to struggle for the European company and I loved that I could combine my passion for fashion, city music and PR in this job. And I also hope that we will see more loose fit urban fashion again in the expectation.

Take the leftover fabric and one of your sleeves and cut the shape Make sure you add 1.5 inch or 4cm to the bottom of the sleeves. I cut mine a bit too close. Place what you cut on the fabric and cut again Take your hoodie and cut the shape. Make sure you add more to the front when you cut it Those are the pieces I just cut. Pin the sides and top and then sew it Cut the front neckline of your hoodie Turn your sleeve to the right side, place it inside and pin it all around.

Then sew it using a zig zag stitch Do the same on the other side Hem the neckline, bottom of sleeves and bottom of your hoodie Open up your hoodie and place the right side on the right side of the back Pin it, then the front and sew it Sew it and you’re done And this is the final look. Since the fabric I used is light, men can easily wear this from Spring to Fall. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you did click like and subscribe for more videos Thank you so much for watching and see you again in my next video To wrap this video up have a look at the colorful creative clothes for men available in my webshop Click the right top corner or the description box to shop these looks online.